I live in Tallahassee and I'm as big an FSU fan as I am a Jets fan but I have failed to post here, being wrapped up in Jet Favre Fandom. I want Jim Bo Fischer GONE! GONE! He might have been the first of these "head coaches in waiting" in football so it looks like he's going nowhere but if I had my way he'd be pushed off a cliff. At the moment, he's the offensive coordinator but he is basically the coach as Bobby Bowden hasn't covered up the fact that he himself is merely a supervisor at this point.

The gators could have scored 300 points today. That was the worse ass whipping a seminole team has ever taken. I wasn't expecting an upset (although it sure as hell wouldn't have been the first one, which makes this more unacceptable) but I did expect a game. Jim Bo Fischer is a complete fool. I was against him from day 1 when he benched Weatherford. When does Weatherford reappear? Against the possible future national champs. O he'll really do well........I don't like his offense either. I think we might have 15 rush attempts up the middle this year. All they do is throw those passes to tall receivers for jump balls. THAT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE! They all get picked...coaches simply tell the DBs to give the wieout a step an expect the ball to be underthrown. That worked for a long time but it has been snubbed by everyone who was ever burned on it.

This was a lame rivalry weekend in college football. Bama killed Auburn and USC kille Notre Dame. UGA/Tech was good but nobody cared.