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    Joshua House Fund

    I posted this in the main forum a while ago, but thought it would fit better here. Just thought I'd spread the word and let you know about what we are doing....
    Our Mission: Building Houses, Changing Lives[/B][/SIZE]

    The Joshua House Fund, founded in 1997, is an independent, non-profit, ecumenical organization, dedicated to building houses for impoverished families in under served areas of the United States.

    I have been a member of Joshua House Fund since 2003. I got started when my mom came to me with the idea of going to Kentucky to build a house. She said a co-worker went with her son and they loved it. Being young and stupid, I refused to go. I told my mom I wasn't going, and that I could just do Habitat for Humanity in Bridgeport, CT without having to go anywhere for a week. Naturally, I went to Kentucky. However, when I got there, I immediately fell in love with the area. I also was having lots of fun with the people I went with, and the activities we were doing. I got so caught up with everything else that I didn't even realize until the end of the week how much of an impact our group was making. This happened when, after we had finished what we could (which is usually all four walls, the windows and doors installed, the inside walls, the porch, and the roof), we gave the house key to the new owner. She broke down into tears and could not thank us enough. That's when it hit me.....we were really [I]changing lives[/I].

    I have gone five years now and last year I was asked to be a Joshua House Fund board member, which is truly an honor for me. I plan on going next summer as well.

    Since 1997, Joshua House Fund has built 13 homes, 12 in Kentucky and 1 in South Dakota. We are also starting a program that would fund one person a year to go to college...but that is still in the planning stages.

    Check us out [URL=""][B]here[/B][/URL].

    You can also see our yearly newsletter [URL=""][B]here[/B][/URL].

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks!

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    Hey RTA...ever give any thoughts to using LIHTC's (tax credits) to build affordable housing? The non-profit I work for actually teams up with other NP's and helps them through the process of development. It is usually used for bigger projects in more urban areas...but not always. The LIHTC program was developed by the Reagan it isn't exactly some limp wristed entitlement program that gives our resident hoser a case of the anti-social-program vapors.

    Check it out: [url][/url]

    Some projects upcoming for my company (STEL, Inc.): [url][/url]



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