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Thread: Playoff help needed

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    Playoff help needed

    Ok you guys know the deal lose this week and there is no next week. I snuck into the playoffs with one of my teams and after last nights game I am down 40 to 15, He had Rivers and Zach Miller going while I had LT. So I starting off in an early hole and seeing as how the rest of his team is pretty good I am thinking I need to gamble a bit on some players with upside.

    Please tell me I am not crazy for my current lineup, I have been researching all week (yeah I am a loser )

    anyway the guys I am starting are in bold

    Shaun Hill, McNabb, Schaub

    Colston, Moore, Jones, Bruce, S. Moss, R. Williams

    LT, T. Jones, L. White

    Keller, Daniels (Daniels is going in my flex TE/WR spot as I think he has the best situation with Schaub back)

    Kicker and D dont really matter but im putting in Vinateri over Feeley

    And in another league i have a tough decision who to start in my last WR spot. I am already starting Cothcery and Boldin so who would you pick out of these guys K. Walter, S. Holmes, Branch, and Hixon.

    Thanks for the help guys really want to pull out a win this week.

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    Now starting Bruce over Daniels...that is all.


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