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Thread: AP - 34 Registered Lobbyists on Obama's transition team?

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    AP - 34 Registered Lobbyists on Obama's transition team?

    Quite honestly, it's a miracle he can keep the number that low! But, this is yet again an example of a guy who is learning that a lot of things he promised during the campaign were not based in reality. It's ironic that the term "Change" is starting to apply most to Obama.

    [QUOTE][B]AP IMPACT: Donors, lobbyists help Obama get ready[/B]

    Faced with hiring a new administration, President-elect Barack Obama is learning how hard it is to keep his promise to avoid aides who have been entangled with the capital's lobbying scene.

    An Associated Press review of more than 400 members of Obama's transition team identified at least 34 who have registered in recent years to lobby government officials on behalf of clients or employers — some as recently as this summer. The AP's review represents the most comprehensive examination to date of people working on Obama's incoming administration....(continued)[/QUOTE]

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    Not bababooey and I resent the implication
    Lobbyists are gay

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    HAHA cold busted!

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    NO way to avoid them....politics as usual. Change you can call b*ll**** on...

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    So like 8.5% of his team, not too bad I guess.

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    You have to be straight-up naive to believe this one too, another of Obama's lofty-yet-unrealistic ideals. Lobbying is a part of Washington political culture like apple pie is a part of America.


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