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Thread: Holtz to SU imminent?

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    Holtz to SU imminent?

    Reports indicate Skip Holtz Syracuse bound
    Sunday December 07, 2008, 7:09 AM

    AP photo
    East Carolina head coach Skip Holtz smiles as he hugs player Rob Kass after defeating Tulsa 27-24 in the NCAA Conference USA championship college football game in Tulsa, Okla. on Saturday.A broadcast report now indicates East Carolina's Skip Holtz is heading to Syracuse to become the new coach of the Orange football team.

    According to WTVH TV, Michael Bradley from the NFL Network reports that Skip Holtz will be named Syracuse University's football coach on Monday.

    It comes on the heels of East Carolina's 27-24 win over Tulsa Saturday for its first conference championship in more than 30 years. The Pirates (9-4) will represent Conference USA in the Liberty Bowl on Friday, January 2.

    The Post-Standard's Donnie Webb reports neither SU Athletic Director Daryl Gross, nor his counterpart at East Carolina Terry Holland, responded to email requests for comment. Holtz was quoted after his team's victory Saturday that he is "not looking to leave East Carolina", and that "it would have to be a really special situation to get me out of here."

    Donnie Webb also reports that Gross and Holtz are expected to be in New York Monday and Tuesday for the College Football Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. Holtz's father, former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz, is being inducted as is former Syracuse quarterback Don McPherson.

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    My roommate told me that this morning. I really don't know much about Holtz at all, I don't think I've seen ECU play all that much.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of recruiting class he can patch up this year. It certainly won't be much. I'd also like to see the financials of the deal, to see what the 'special situation' ($$$) was... I just looked up his current contract with ECU which only has a $100k buyout, as opposed to Edsall's $1M with UConn, so that's good. I'd guess 5 years/$10-14M?

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    Great hire, really. Good coach and a very good recruiter. This is a great move for the entire conference, really. All of us benefit from Cuse being better. I hope this happens.

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    Turned down?

    Not sure to trust this source, but FWIW...

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    Multiple sources are saying he's staying at ECU. Syracuse has appeared to turn their sights to Turner Gill, or Marrone I'm guessing if Turner doesn't want it.

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    Doug Marrone has accepted the job.


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