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Thread: If we win the last three can we NOT be division champs?

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    [QUOTE=neevsmazda07;2900708]{sigh}.......... we do control it and it is all our fault...... we lost games we should have won and its gonna come back to bite us in the a**. i have us losin the next two and winning thegame against the dolphags. of course i hope im wrong and we win all three but the chances of that are highly unlikely. my question would be if we do lose the next two and we beat miami do you guys think that we still win the division??? :cool:[/QUOTE]

    see here: [url][/url]

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    [QUOTE=tedtedthefootballhead;2900765]you need this: [url][/url]

    play with it to your hearts content....just click on the team you think will win for each of the last 3 games and the brackets automatically update.

    I just fiddled with it.
    If NJY/NE/MIA all finish 10-6:
    Miami wins division, Jets are 2nd and NE is 3rd in the division.
    Jets get #6 wild card IF IND finishes 10-6 and BAL finishes 9-7 (or vice versa). Either IND or BAL @10-6 would be the other wild card.
    NE is screwed unless IND and BAL both finish 9-7, then NE gets the #6 wild card and we get bumped up to #5 wild card.[/QUOTE]

    If we all finish 10-6 we win the division as long as our loss is to Seattle.


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