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Thread: What have we learned?

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    What have we learned?

    1- We have learned that our coach is so full of himself that he won't change anything about this 3-4 defense that is not working. There have been NO adjustments made & each week it has gotten worse in the secondary. Opposing coaches are coming in using the same game plan as the Pats & Broncos. If Sutton can't coach than Eric needs to take the reins & make the calls ala Parcells when he took over the playcalling on offense in 1999.

    2- We have learned that Shottenheimer is UNABLE to adjust his game to counteract what defenses are doing to this team. He does not disguise what the Jets are doing, (we don't have Moss & Welker at wideout like Brady had last year). My point is this: If you go shotgun on 3rd & 2, teams know the Jets are passing. Pretty stupid when you have the leading rusher in the AFC! At least have the THREAT of the run by taking the snap from the center so you can play action.

    3- Mangini has NO FEEL for the game! Why would you PUNT when your on the opposing teams 38 yard line? I was screaming for them to go for it on 4th and a yard & ahalf. Instead we punt it into the endzone for a yardage gain of 18 yards. He plays scared! It reflects on this team & as a fan I'm always FEELING like we are losing in a tie game. He needs to let the dogs out, throw caution to the wind & start playing to win.

    4- You can't BUY A CHAMPIONSHIP. Can we win a superbowl with this defense? You & I know the answer. So if Favre doesn't come back, what was the point! If Mangini thought this defense was good enough to sign Favre & get to a superbowl than he is either a VERY POOR COACH or he's a VERY POOR JUDGE OF TALENT. It's really one or the other & neither answer makes me believe that Mangini is the guy to change these Jets into winners.

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    The NFL is a week to week league.

    2 weeks ago the Jets were going to the SB......

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    now we might squeek in as just a wildcard..... there will be changes next year and they should start from the top..... :cool:


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