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Thread: PUBLISHER'S BLOG: Same old Jets? You bet.

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    PUBLISHER'S BLOG: Same old Jets? You bet.

    Two weeks ago Jets fans were on top of the world.

    After beating the defending division champion Patriots in Foxboro to take sole posession of first place and then travelling to Nashville to beat and dominate*the Titans, who were the only undefeated team in the NFL, the team was in a position they hadn't seen in a decade. Then came the talk [...]


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    Put the tail right on the donkey.

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    Just write it as I see it, even though it sickens me. :confused:

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    The scenario everyone is fearing most is that both the Jets and Dolphins win the next two weeks then our old friend Chad Pennington and his ‘Phins come to East Rutherford and steals the divison from the team that kicked him to the curb. Chad then exits Giants Stadium with his finger waggling similar to Broadway Joe at the Orange Bowl. That would be enough trigger mass suicides off top of the Gate D spiral.

    just pray for that cold December wind...

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    Sad to say...

    Even if the Jets should pull out the division, I can't honestly see them going deep into the playoffs. It pains me to admit it, but this is NOT a superbowl team.

    I pray to God I am wrong.

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    Good read Sean and how very true. It seems to me that the JETS, throughout their history seem to fold like a cheap suit whenever put in control of their own destiney. This season is no different. Is it part of that God awful curse?

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    [QUOTE=jetswin;2901521]just pray for that cold December wind...[/QUOTE]

    Also pray that the game moves to prime time. I for one can't stand waiting the entire day to watch the Jets play, but if it is moved to prime time, that means its going to be even colder and nastier than the 1pm time slot which proves better for favre and the jets against penny.

    This also, of course, insinuates that the Jets have beaten the bills and seahawks because if they don't, then the game won't be broadcasted nationwide!

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    [QUOTE=JI Town Crier;2900930]

    "Then came the talk of the Jets possibly being the best team in the AFC".


    Are you insinuating that Hammer is responsible for the Jets free fall?


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