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Thread: Bush Says He Doubts Bible Literally True

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    [QUOTE=CanadaSteve;2906525]I would differ that he did not say about opening up possibilities for God to exist and effect the world at the Quantum level, but so be it...

    You see, when you say you are interested in, and have a stake in seeking and finding the truth, I think you are interested in theology, but not about the constructs of a particular religion, but what that religion says, and how it can be always reinterpreted and understood. The bible is not a static piece of literature...its depths are unlimited; however, it is the few that scream the loudest for it to be something that it is not that get heard the most.

    When you study religion, you see common principles residing throughout the narratives. It is those common grounds that ought to be studied more, for I think we can find universal principles that are (paradoxically) adaptable and flexible for all cultures. I really wish I understood math and science better, for the only reason that the understanding of the natural universe could help my understanding of theology, and subsequently God more. However, I just can't seem to find stuff that is easy enough for me to understand. It's not that I don't get stuff, I mean more from a full comprehensive point of view.

    If we think of God as the 'deep laws' as you call them, I think that is fairly accurate, at least, as accurate as a finite language and understanding can offer. I had a friend one time in College YEARS ago say to me he had a theory that the universe would eventually just evolve into pure thought. There wouldn't be anything physical remaining, just pure thought of all things. I think about that often, because I think he had it right, only backwards; that everything CAME from pure thought.[/QUOTE]

    Well, this is no fun at all. We're all agreeing! Where's Sackdance99? I guess we'll all have a drink in Hell at the same bar.

    Just one quibble: you're using the word theology in a way that is different than I would have understood it. If you said "spirituality" instead, we would might not see eye to eye, but I think we would be looking at the same thing.

    Here's a link to a good version of Conway's Game of Life.... it can be endlessly fascinating and addictive to set up some simple forms and set them in motion. Some of the universes created are pretty stunning....


    Here's a brief explanation of how the game of life works:

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