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Thread: Turner, DeAngelo Williams or LT??

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    Turner, DeAngelo Williams or LT??

    Been battling this decision all year, mostly between benching either Williams or LT. Williams coming off a 2TD 170 or so yrd game v the Bucs while LT scored once last week v OAK

    Which option do I go with?

    A) Start Deangelo V. Denver
    B) Start LT V. KC
    C) Neither, bench Turner v. TB

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    #1 -Williams vs. Denver, or #2- LT vs. KC.

    after Carolina ran all over them on Monday Night, i expect the Bucs to be MUCH tougher against the run vs. the Falcons.

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    thanks for the input.... so u think LT is a better play than turner? LT is playing a poor KC front 7 but i cant really argue w burners production.. well see


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