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Thread: Cool Pictures - Compliments of our U.S. Military

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    Cool Pictures - Compliments of our U.S. Military




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    Very cool..... :rockon:

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    good stuff

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    Seeing those guns firing off those ships gives me a little chuckle. On a few of the ships I have been on, The Marine's quarters are directly below that area.

    Not good if you need any sleep:yes::yes:

    On another note, we will never have a weak defense. I just can't believe a politician when they start that crap.

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    The USS Reagan is just badass.

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    Here's a cool picture from a friend of mine from back in HS... it's military related at least, and the main subject is/was a soldier


    btw, it's a poster and can be purchased here: [url][/url]

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    [QUOTE=RutgersJetFan;2905175]The USS Reagan is just badass.[/QUOTE]

    Carriers are the most amazing to me. They're truly like small cities on the open water.

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    Tan, I am against the war in Iraq also. Just stupid to be there in the first place.

    Paulie, I always considered carriers to be islands. The food is better on them also;)


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