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Thread: Hossa signed a 1 year deal!!!

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    Hossa signed a 1 year deal!!!

    Per "The 29-year-old winger left the Pittsburgh Penguins as a free agent only a few weeks after their six-game Cup final loss to Detroit to jump camps and sign a US$7.45 million one-year contract with the Red Wings on July 2.

    He turned down a multi-year offer from the Penguins and is reported to have rejected an $81 million, nine-year offer from the Edmonton Oilers for what he felt was his best chance to win a championship."

    I guess this is old news, but its the first time i heard it. AMAZING! Turning down $81 milling for the chance to win a cup! That is unheard of, and truly admirable. Especially in this day and age.

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    Then again. its too bad San Jose looks like the team to beat this year.

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    I hear Columbus got a team...

    Gunna call them the "Bluejackets" or something.


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