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Thread: Franken V Reagan

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    Quote Originally Posted by MnJetFan View Post
    Franken lost the election 3 times already, but the poor little rich boy will try and buy the election along with the rest DFL scumbags!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HDCentStOhio View Post
    Very true. It is also obvious the thread starter never listened to recordings of any of his speeches while he was working for GE.

    Has a political thread ever been moved to the dump?
    The GE stuff very analogous, although totally different in tone, to Franken's book book/Air America career. It has only taken on the glow of prophesy in conservative lore.

    I know the Reagan comparison is offensive to you -- because it is largely accurate. Of course you want it dumped. You view Franken as a freak candidate for exactly the same reason liberals had no respect for Reagan. Maybe we're both right to be skeptical and maybe we're both wrong. Why shouldn't people with well-developed political ideas from any background run for office? At the same time I am always troubled by the willingness of the public to give greater consideration to a person because they are familiar with the name. That's really a shameful thing in this country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    Any issue I may have with Al Fraken has nothing to do with his Hollywood career.
    Excellent -- that's how I felt about Reagan. I think both parties need to get their heads around the idea that not every politician need be a lawyer, doctor or businessman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauliec View Post
    Then, I have to ask again, what was the point of directly comparing him to Reagan, if you know he has absolutely no chance of achieving similar distinction?

    The way you previously worded made it sound like graduate degrees were worthless. Ironic, considering you posted your entire academic resume not two weeks ago in trying to demonstrate your expertise on a subject.
    I was making people aware of the fact that the indignation they may feel that a comedian is in the Senate is silly -- if they were big fans of Reagan. Feel free to hate Franken's positions, but recognize that the icon of your party also started out acting like a clown on camera before you judge.

    Graduate degrees are hardly worthless -- just a poor life-choice. In no way did I state my resume to demonstrate expertise -- I posted that I got 39 of 40 questions right -- and that it was nothing to boast about because I've spent so much of my time learning and teaching the subject matter. The day I pick 39-40 stocks correctly is the day I'll crow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauliec View Post
    I'm drafting the Constitution as we speak.
    If I may make a small request, I think that section E-4 should include the statute that anyone who enjoys Freddie Prinze Jr movies should be put into exile.


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