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Thread: Brett Favre, Pro Bowler. Chad Pennington, Bowling.

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    [QUOTE=ChadOwnsBrady;2939081]Yeah, I prefer TX to SAR.[/QUOTE]

    As do I...what a loser.

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    [QUOTE=SAR I;2922309][IMG][/IMG]

    Dan Marino, biggest Dolphin Homer On The Planet, just picked the Jets to win the AFC East saying "Chad and the Dolphins in New York, that's not a good situation for them."


    SAR - I think you might be better served to stay away from the bold predictions for a while.

    I'm thinking maybe you had something to do with this collapse?

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    Shouldn't the title of this thread be changed to:

    Brett Favre, Faux Pro Bowler, Chad Pennington, AFCE Champion?


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