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Thread: Obama Chooses Pastor Rick Warren for Invocation

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    My guess is that there is no single cause, but a combination of genetic and or environmental conditions that causes it. I also believe that there are varying degrees of sexuality and that these people who "choose" to be gay are just bisexuals who are choosing to go one way; who aren't really choosing to be gay but rather just choosing to be with men instead of women. If it was possible to choose to be gay, you would be able to turn off and on your sexual attraction to either side, which for me at least is impossible. I can't look at Halle Berry nude and not be attracted to it and I can't look at a guy nude and somehow force myself to be attracted to it. I never chose to be straight, and I doubt any of you did either. It's impossible and ridiculous, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    I would not make a fool of myself by trying to debate an expert (a medical doctor) in an issue of his speciality, but I will simply say that what you've listed here is not even close to proof. It's very much in the "still very early theory" stage of scienctific investigation and postulation.

    I have quite the faith in science, and I am sure if the cause of Homosexuality IS genetic, then they will find it. and I am sure they will find a cure for it as well (and won't THAT be a big issue when it happens, eh?)

    Till science finds it, as I said, I will continue to support gay rights, but I will not insult (as I see it) African Americans by claiming the plight of gays is anything similar to the plight of blacks in America.

    I also will laugh at anyone who claims "all" homsexuals are geentic without any proof of that fact, when I think it's pretty apparent that choice IS involved in plenty of cases (even in the relatively limited group I know there are "gays" who engage in that activity by choice, which they are happy to state).

    But if you all think they are the same, good for you. I'm not black, nor gay, so I won't be insulted either way.
    This is hardly my field of expertise. All im saying is that there is at least some significant evidence suggesting homosexuality is biologic in nature.

    Again, im waiting for you to show us some evidence that suggests its a choice. Also you havent told us at what point in life did you yourself choose your own sexual orientation and how did you go about chosing so. What factors led you to come to that decision?


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