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Thread: Holyfield Vs Valuev - Another Black Eye For Boxing

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    Holyfield Vs Valuev - Another Black Eye For Boxing

    Anyone see this fight earlier? If you didn't don't worry about it because you won...This was easily a contender for the worst fight in the history of the sport...Valuev is be far the worst Heavyweight title holder in the history of the sport...

    Just plain old ****ing terrible fight and an absolute disgrace...The saddest part is the result was fixed from the get go...The way Valuev was fighting (if you can even call it that) clearly gave it away...He wasn't even trying (not that he's any good to begin with), he was just standing in the middle of he ring looking slower than molasses and incapable of throwing a punch...It was as if he was told backstage just don't go down which i would bet is exactly what happened...

    The cards were 114-114 even, 116-112, 115-114 in favor of Valuev...

    Valuev was averaging around 4-5 punches thrown a round, there were numerous rounds where he didn't even land one single clean punch...It was a low punch output fight which are tough to score but not when one guy is barely landing anything...Holyfield wasn't that much better but what can you expect from a 46 year old man whose been in so many wars and should be in a retirement home instead of the ring? I was impressed with his footwork, he was bouncing around moving in and out effectively...He picked his spots and thoroughly outclassed his opponent, he didn't throw a lot of punches but he was at least landing clean shots...Holyfield clearly won this fight easily, how one judge saw it 116-112 for Valuev is criminal...
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    That why people don't watch boxing anymore. Very few fights worth paying for.


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