[QUOTE=Vilma;2929235]Everyone complaining about Mangnini's lack of emotion, look at BB, he never shows any emotion, on the sidelines or in his pressers.

Marty Lyons was saying last night that if you think he is emotionless in the locker room behind closed doors, its just the opposite.

He also pointed out, Cleveland fired BB after three seasons and look what happened next.

No one has these kind of expectations for this year. Yes after 8-3 and the fail that took place the last 4 games, I think the players deserve a lot of the blame and not Eric.

Just sayin.....[/QUOTE]

If mangina could coach and win like BB then I don't care if mangina coaches and and does not move a inch, but the fact is not only is he not showing emotion but he has a clueless look on his face as he chews his bubble-yum......:rolleyes: