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Thread: Israel is exhausted! The REAL facts.

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    Israel is exhausted! The REAL facts.

    Israel, and the majority of its citizens are exhausted from the conflict. Israel has made several recent attempts to calm the situation, but they are met only with more hostilities. Israel attempted to negotiate a reasonable deal while Clinton was in office. The offer was on the table and Arafat, being the opportunistic and intelligent PLO leader that he was , turned it down and instead chose an intifada. Israel withdrew from Gaza as requested a few years back and tore down several West Bank settlements (I do not agree with the Jewish extremist settlers by the way). However, these Israeli actions of good faith were rewarded with an entire arsenal being brought into Gaza by Iran and Syria following the withdrawal. The result was the re-arming of an extremely militant faction (Hamas) which seeks only the destruction of the State of Israel. Hamas also happens to control the government and were democratically voted in. Summarily, the Gaza government is launching their recently acquired rockets over the border at Israeli towns. Israel takes more acts of war with a grain of salt than any country ever has, and is taking more measures to prevent civilian casualties in this recent invasion than any country ever will. I am tired of hearing 400 dead, 500 dead.... Remarkable how rare it is for anyone to mention that even Gaza acknowledges that 75%-80% of the deceased were Hamas targets. That is an excellent number considering how Hamas has no reservations whatsoever immersing themselves in civilian areas to promote their anti-Israeli media campaign on Al-Jazeera or any other brainwashing website throughout the Middle East. I feel bad for the civilian casualties and Palestinian refugees that hold moderate views. They are caught in the middle of a raging conflict and the rest of the Arab world finds it more desirable to let them rot in terrible conditions for a misguided political cause rather than attempting to establish peace with Israel. The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
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