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Thread: Israel attacks on Gaza kill 200 +

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    [quote=chicadeel;2955100]I think peace will only be attained between the Palestinians and the Israelis when the entire Arab/Israel mindset changes. [/quote]

    Which is never going to happen until the Arab countries are no longer being run by tyrants that belong in the middle ages at best, and the Arab populations become more secular.

    You guys have no idea what kind of a role the religous fundamentalism plays in the modern day Arab society, and I really don't expect you to understand living in a free society.

    They're like states ruled by muslim versions of holier than thou sackdance clones but with also the executive power to back it up. And it's not to "spread the good world of Islam" or "keep the pure muslim way of life alive" or even "wage war on the infidel". It is simply trying to keep the power of the ruling class.

    Furthermore the Arabian ruling class has found out that creating a common enemy, and acting like that enemy will try to kill every last one of them if they don't kill it first makes it very easy to suppress the dissent in the country - sort of like how 9/11 made passing the Patriot Act possible I guess. And as long as they keep the oil flowing the west doesn't give a s*it if a few thousand people just don't who want to be living in an oppresive state who has no respect for basic human rights are torchured and executed every year.

    Does this give Israel the right to kill innocent civilians.

    Do the Arabs make it [U][I]intentionally[/I][/U] harder for Israel to discern innocent civilians from legitimate military targets.

    So its actually a lose-lose situation for Israel but it chooses the lesser of two evils - protecting its own innocent civilans at the cost of killing the other sides innocent civilans. It is unfortunate but keeping in mind that the palestinians are the ones who keep bringing the civilans into this conflict time and time again, ultimatly understandable.The Palestinian authority is at least as much if not more to blame for the civilan casualties as Israel.
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    [QUOTE=chicadeel;2955100]I think peace will only be attained between the Palestinians and the Israelis when the entire Arab/Israel mindset changes. [B]The Palestinians are the throw away pawns in the Arab struggle against Israel. When/if the Arabs realize that Israel will always be there and it is to their advantage to recognize that and move on the will be peace. [/B]
    Now, how to bring about that change of attitude or how to convince the Arabs that being peaceful neighbors with Israel is something that will be to their advantage is another question. I really think the land struggle is the wrapping paper covering the stinking fish in the package. Unwrap the package and throwout the rotting fish. Maybe then they could live in peace.[/QUOTE]



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