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Thread: What a totally fruitless pursuit...

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    Favre's certainly not better than Chad this season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRONX JET View Post
    Yankeee fan here. i would trade all that I have seen( since 77) with the exception of 2000 for one Jet championship
    Same here I would trade all those Yankees championships for 1 jets SB victory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gangGREENinsider View Post
    Favre's certainly not better than Chad this season.
    i'm having a hard time even rooting for Brett Favre at this stage...

    I don't recognize this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zatchery View Post

    Who's going to win this game?
    That's right, the Miami Chad Penningtons.

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    Favre has 1 SB and a boatload of Chokes. 90 % of his career he was surrounded with fantastic skill players. As soon as GB lost some of that talent Favre went right down the toilet for a few years with it. They got the talent back and Favre played well again yet he still CHOKED in the big game vs the Giants. Then he comes to the Jets where the Talent is not so hot and what does Favre do ?? He sucks and chokes yet again. Hes no Jet, not in my eyes. He will be going to the HOF with his inflated bull**** numbers and IMO hes not in the same league as Bradshaw, Montana, Staubach, Manning, Young, Elway, Marino, Brady, Aikman QB's that actully had a brain.

    Lets just pray we dont have to deal with the moronic off season antics Green Bay had to deal with the last 4 or 5 years because you know Mangini and Tanny dont have the BALLS to send this has been packing nor will Woody let them.

    I told you guys this would set this team back 2 years and right now its looking like that might just be the case.


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