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Thread: Bye Bye Eric

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    Bye Bye Eric

    9 Pro Bowlers and a complete 5 game collapse. Need to clean house with the complete coaching staff!!!!!!

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    What? This is news to me.

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    The Jets' schemes and coaching are pathetic. The players are giving great effort, but no pressure on defense and really, really poor routes by the receivers are killing this team.

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    Coaching Staff absolutely has no killer instinct

    Why punt on the 4th and 2?
    U got nothing to lose

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    I am so sick of looking at that fat fuk on the sideline with that bitter beer face....get this ass clown out of here...bring in cowher or holmgren..and F the pats I would rather see the dolphins make it. Chad should give mangina a wedgie when he leaves the field today!

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    [QUOTE=vinit;2937229]Why punt on the 4th and 2?
    U got nothing to lose[/QUOTE]

    why so we can send the pats to the playoffs?

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    He's gone. I don't care what CBS SAYS. This is the biggest humiliation in Jet history....Fans now chanting let's go Dolphins:steamin:


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