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Thread: The OFFICIAL Unified Fire Mangini Discussion Thread (Merged x4)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Vick View Post
    I think Mangini will be hack, unfortunately.

    I don't think Cowher would touch this job with a 10 foot pole.

    I'd take Billick, Shottenheimer, Mariucci, even Fassel over Mangini at this point.
    I would take any of those names you mentioned over this fat dumb f*ck Mangina.

    Jim Fassel - winning record and a Super Bowl appearance and his players loved him

    Mangina - losing record and 0 SB appearances and his players hated him.

    No brainer who the Jets would be better off with next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toooon View Post
    And Tannenbaum should go with him. This is deja vu for me, as it reminds me of the Coslet years, and how Dick Steinberg was just as culpable, yet didn't get fired. Mangini is clearly an amateur, but we was dealt a bad hand by our blundering front office, despite how much people on this board tend to overrate our talent.
    I don't think Tannenbaum should go at all. He did his job, brought in quality players. The thing is with him, Tannenbaum himself would not fire Mangini because he is butt buddies with him. The only way for Mangini to get fired is by Woody. I think it showed a lot when Woody addressed the media about Mangini's status.

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    If Cowher goes to Dallas, would you be in favor of hiring Jason Garrett as HC of the NYJ?

    Personally, I've had enough of the inexperienced HCs getting on the job training with the Jets. I'd rather hire an experienced NFL coach. But if Cowher goes to Dallas, Garrett will become the "hot" young coaching candidate.

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    sweet sensi come around FIRE MANGINA NOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2009fatman View Post
    Let Him Start The Cowher Power Tomorrow
    You're the man Woody! Thanks for reading the thread and listening to your fan base..No more anti-Woody threads for me.


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