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Thread: Favre and The Jets (MUST READ)

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    Favre and The Jets (MUST READ)

    They both got what they deserved today, what sweet justice for Pennington. This has to be the biggest dissappointment of a team in the league, and favre, because he caused all that fuss in Green Bay about letting him play. He strung them along and when they moved on he couldn't take it so he came back, and they didn't want his ***** ass anymore. So he goes to the Jets, and they axed a quarterback that been battling for them for years, they Pennington out like a old hooker with herpes. Then Mangina names his son Brett, they basically slapped Chad in his face. Now Chad has slapped the Jets in the face and threw them out of the playoffs, what sweet revenge. I'll say it once and i'll say it again, Brett Favre is a product of the system also, and he wouldn't have a superbowl, if it wasn't for Desmond Howard and Reggie White, and as I recall, Desmond Howard was the superbowl MVP, not Favre. Now he's about to hold the Jets hostage like he's done the Packers for years, he won't let the jets now what he's gonna do until the Jets move on to another QB, GET LOST FAVRE.

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    This is not a must read...dump

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    Third post and its a MUST READ! :D

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    [QUOTE=FF2;2937480]Third post and its a MUST READ! :D[/QUOTE]
    All your posts are a must read. But this thread sucks.

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    [QUOTE=MDL_JET;2937479]This is not a must read...dump[/QUOTE]

    Check the post count...BAN!

    Now, Mr 3 posts, the Miami arguements are fair game although I really still don't think that it's on Favre. However, when you drag the Green Bay thing over here just remember they're 6 - 10 with 2 freebies from Detroit, who the blew a 14 - 0 lead against today before eeking out their win. Even if Favre wasn't here, he'd be in GB on the bench to stay fresh for the playoffs that would have been clinched weeks ago.

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    [QUOTE=WoodyPaige;2937490]All your posts are a must read. But this thread sucks.[/QUOTE]


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    Farve seemed happy on the post game radio interview


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