As far as I'm concerned we have the guys to go deep in the playoffs as we currently stand. There is no excuse to go 8-3 and suddenly evaporate into dust. It seems as though by the Bronco game we suddenly decided to take a vacation. Who taught these guys how to blitz? Every other team I watch seems to be able to get to the quarterback with their blitzing linebackers except the Jets. What happened to the coordinators? Brian used to be a creative O Coordinator and suddenly lost his balls (His playcalling resembles Paul Hackett's) ? And Bob Sutton is no better than Ted Cottrell as far as I'm concerned (Prevent defence) he should've been linched last year.
I've been watching the Jets the last 18 years which haven't been entirely terrible but I'm starting to see why people get pissed off that we repeat our mistakes constantly. I think we need to get a disciplinarian coach and coordinators and coaches that know what the hell they are doing.
Favre isn't the problem he made some bad picks this year thats Favre we knew that when we got him but many of them could've been avoided if he wasn't knocked on his ass so often he was also underutilized. Pennington limited us as a team and we don't need him. I still think we should give Clemens a chance.