So there it is Jet fans..for some a dissapointing loss but for others a hell of an improvement over last years record. Look we rolled the dice on getting Favre and releasing Pennington and it didn't work out as planned. Favre will retire I am sure but there are some questions now the Jets need to address;

1. Will Mangini get the pink slip? I don't believe he will. Rumor is that Mangini wanted to keep Pennington and Tann forced Favre on him. However, we'll see who the scapegoats are.

2. Offensive Line- You have to ask if the money we spent on the OL is worth it? To me it's not..we got Faneca who is past his peak...Drick who is good but is way overpaid.

3. Defense-Lot's of help needed there the secondary had not progressed and the lack of a pass rush is really an ongoing problem

4. Wide Outs- Trade Coles or draft a big physical receiver.

I have no idea what they will do for QB it will be interesting to see but one has to ask why this team looked so good against the Titans and then completely fell apart.