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Thread: Do we try to sign

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    The Jets aren't landing ANYBODY before the coaching AND QB situation is settled.

    No one plays hard for an unlikeable lame duck coach. Any why would a big receiver come with no QB? Money is one thing, but without Favre's bucks coming off the books, how can you sign anyone for a big contract?

    As far as Ocho Stinko, we need a receiver who gets separation from people on the field, not off.

    What a crappy situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    Dude, the Jets have one of the worst cap situations in the entire NFL.

    The Jets shot their load to the tune of $140 million and all it got them was a 9-7 season and no playoffs.
    **** YOU FAGGOT....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatriotReign View Post
    It's amazing how the homerism is clouding their objectivity. If Cassel played on any other team there'd be serious discussion on this forum about signing him. I still remember there were quite a few Jet fans hoping to land Matt Schaub from Atlanta who played a whooping two games as a starter before going to the Texans.
    I'm not sold on Cassel as an elite QB in this league. He played extremely well within the confines of the Patriots system and appears to be a good game manager. Once outside that system, I'm not too sure he's better than what we have here now.

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    i like cassel but if the pats make him a transition player it will cost us and probably alot of cash as quite a few team will want him.I agree the pats have a great system and it proves they can win without brady but if they are 100% sure about bradys recovery,cassell wont be going anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetliner View Post
    Matt Cassel?
    Chad Ocho Cinco?
    Best available CB in FA?
    Best Available LB in FA?

    Bill Cowher, Spagnolo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post

    Just think back to that Thursday night game TX, you win that game you are in handily... Ah, but you lost.


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