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Thread: Do we try to sign

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    The Jets aren't landing ANYBODY before the coaching AND QB situation is settled.

    No one plays hard for an unlikeable lame duck coach. Any why would a big receiver come with no QB? Money is one thing, but without Favre's bucks coming off the books, how can you sign anyone for a big contract?

    As far as Ocho Stinko, we need a receiver who gets separation from people on the field, not off.

    What a crappy situation.

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    [QUOTE=PatsFanTX;2937727]Dude, the Jets have one of the worst cap situations in the entire NFL.

    The Jets shot their load to the tune of $140 million and all it got them was a 9-7 season and no playoffs.[/QUOTE]

    **** YOU FAGGOT....

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    [QUOTE=PatriotReign;2938008]It's amazing how the homerism is clouding their objectivity. If Cassel played on any other team there'd be serious discussion on this forum about signing him. I still remember there were quite a few Jet fans hoping to land Matt Schaub from Atlanta who played a whooping two games as a starter before going to the Texans.[/QUOTE]

    I'm not sold on Cassel as an elite QB in this league. He played extremely well within the confines of the Patriots system and appears to be a good game manager. Once outside that system, I'm not too sure he's better than what we have here now.

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    i like cassel but if the pats make him a transition player it will cost us and probably alot of cash as quite a few team will want him.I agree the pats have a great system and it proves they can win without brady but if they are 100% sure about bradys recovery,cassell wont be going anywhere.

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    [QUOTE=jetliner;2937713]Matt Cassel?
    Chad Ocho Cinco?
    Best available CB in FA?
    Best Available LB in FA?

    Bill Cowher, Spagnolo?:confused::rolleyes:[/QUOTE]


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    [QUOTE=PatsFanTX;2937757]Dickhead. ;)[/QUOTE]

    Just think back to that Thursday night game TX, you win that game you are in handily... Ah, but you lost.:zzz:


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