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Thread: Who would be your locks to return in 2009?

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    Who would be your locks to return in 2009?


    Leon, Keller, Cotchery, Clowney, Stuckey, Woody, Moore, Mangold, Faneca, D'Brick

    Jenkins, Harris, Revis, Rhodes, Pace

    Special Teams
    Wright, Smith, Hodges

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    Offense: Jones, Richardson, Washington, Cotchery, Stuckey, Keller, D'Brick, Faneca, Mangold, Moore, Woody

    Defense: Jenkins, Pace, Harris, Revis, Rhodes, Lowery

    Special Teams: Feely, Dearth, Wright

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    hodges is not locked to make it at all, especially after that screwed up PAT.

    O: jones, leon, the whole starting oline, cotch, stuck, clowney, all 3 backup qb's, keller.

    D: jenkins, mosley, devito, pace, harris, gholston, murrell, trusnik, revis, rhodes, elam, and lowery.

    ST: wright and dearth

    PC (in one way or another): cummings, brown, and henry.


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