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Thread: When Chad and the 'Phins go 1 and out...

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    When Chad and the 'Phins go 1 and out...

    All the REAL Jets fans should be on the board telling the other "fans" masturbating over Chad "I told you so." Chad is a great guy and a decent QB, but he's not a winner, and never has been. Chad will do what he's always been expected to do. Wildcard berth and a quick out in the playoffs.

    Dump this thread cause it deserves to be dumped. I just needed to vent. But the one thing I can't deal with at this moment is people telling me that Chad is a great QB and a winner. Simply NOT TRUE. Not true, and never will be.

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    Not a winner.. really? :rolleyes:

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    [QUOTE=CV 40;2937920]Not a winner.. really? :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

    Really. 4 playoff appearances in 8 years as a starter. A lot of NFL teams would love to be there. When Favre retires in a few weeks lets see how long it takes for us to make it back to the playoffs while we are developing our "quarterback of the future" whoever that may be. I feel we will be looking up for a long time.


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