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Thread: Man this Sucks its starting to sink in Thread

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    Man this Sucks its starting to sink in Thread

    Im starting to go through that second phase a little i think. It comes and goes in waves that the Jets are done for the year. All the Jets need in my eye's but thats me is new QB like RATTY or Ainge? ?maybe? 2nd yr. NEW DC, i dont know who but someone w/3/4 Exp. A Big 6'3+ 220Lb. WR, CB, PHYSICAL SAFETY and another bruising RB. YES you need that third RB to mix them all in w/two smashing backs. The Jets only have one smash RB. Jones

    1 Ratty
    2 New RB (help out) thats all! (Jennings from Liberty)
    3 Defensive Coordinator

    i haven't mentioned any draft picks yet either!!!

    4 WR- Big, fast and physical Early pick maybe? draft
    5 Safety- Early Pick For sure!
    6 CB- starter - Jets first pick again ??? two shutdown CB's

    Jets will draft a


    1 CB
    2 S
    3 WR
    4 DT/DE
    5 RB
    6 TE Get a new MONSTER TE somewhere to help Keller out.. Plaese
    7 S/CB

    jmo!!! The jets should bring in a Vet. at QB to compete #2 qb and build around Ratliff as the starter next year. Get Ratliff a new WR Target and a new RB to help jones and Leon in the run game. Build the secondary and DL thru draft and FA's. thats it. the jets only need like five or six position upgrades.

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    I'm a little down on the idea of bringing in a veteran QB at the moment - you'll have to forgive me


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