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Thread: Treatment of Caroline Kennedy vs Sarah Palin- fair & balanced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sackdance View Post
    One comment, one question:

    Palin and Kennedy could not be any more different. Palin is self-made, the other is an aloof Kennedy (doesn't even vote).

    And do you maintain that Palin was an unqualified candidate while Obama was a qualified candidate?
    They are/did seek different jobs. Self made or not, Palin is not qualified for VP, the thought of her being the VP during these times, should scare the crap out of you. Palin is a no nothing moron who has never had to think seriously about anything outside of Alaska. Kennedy is simply not qualified to be a US Senator, but she'll win anyways. She won the genetic lottery.

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    It amazes me, but I can say it yet again on this topic......

    ....don't care.

    Ah, man that feels good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeanPatsFan View Post
    Obama is going to be the worst disaster since Carter.

    just like Mangini. Obama is going to be in way over his head.

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    Obama will be fine!

    Caroline "Snaggle-Tooth, Bad Posture, Horrible Face-Skin, Um, Uh, You Know" Kennedy is a SNL skit already made.

    Has SNL ever parodied her?


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