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Thread: The OFFICIAL "Cowher as Possible Jets Coach Rumour and Speculation" Thread

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    [QUOTE=chesapeakejet;2943484]Now wait a minute! In another of your posts in a different thread you refered to him as a HOF QB.

    You twister of words, you![/QUOTE]

    He was a HOF QB when he played with the Packers.

    He sucked eggs with the Jets.

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    Originally Posted by Limolady
    Hahahahaha! I love it!

    Hey ESPN, rumors are that Tannenbaum is in talks to get Micheal Vick released into the custody of the NY Jets and start him as the QB in 2009. It's one of Bill Cowher's conditions for MAYBE taking the job as HC.

    Jet insiders are saying Vick is very interested in playing for the Jets & quoted as saying "it's a work release program that he can live with" while on parole for masterminding a dog fighting ring. The convicted QB who, along with agreeing to do community service work in Bore-ham Park, NJ [B]will also have to adopt a rescue dog from the local ASPCA as a condition & good will gesture towards being released into Jets custody a.s.a.p.
    Run it with boys, I swear it's true!!!

    My source can confirm this classified JI information as 100% factual...

    It's a real "Insiders" scoop so do your job Clayton and report it...

    you know you want to...

    Wow!...Michael Vick, convicted felon, a Jet. Now I know why Woody had to get rid of Mangini. As a sign of gratefullness, all the players, the entire Jets organization, and the fans, should adopt a dog. And be allowed to bring them to the games!

    It's no joke folks...this Jets organization is going to the dogs:D

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    [quote=chesapeakejet;2943475]Um, he's in line behind me. ;)[/quote]

    Awww thanks Ches but right now I am more interested in kicking ass & taking names. If the NY Jets LLC are going to REALLY listen to the fans, then listen to this:


    Woody & Tanny, just keep doing what you are doing, play it close to the vest and one by one, mismantle while exposing the pencil dicks that cover this team for what they really are. For once, make them accountable for there lies, speculation and ill conceived spins just for the sake of having something to say.

    BTW - I have a question. Who was the God awful snooze fester who hosted "Inside the Jets" with Bob Wischusen on 1050 ESPN radio show last nite? Scott somebody?

    I was there & I know why Bobby W. wasn't, but please here is a perfect example of cluelessness in sports journalism. Anybody try and listen to the show? If he said "Chad Pennington" one more time I was going to disconnect his microphone and throw him down Charlie Brown's Steakhouse steps. What an absolute tool, but obviously just another member of the Clueless Sports Journalism Club.
    Welcome, now STFU and go away. :yes:
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    [QUOTE=k.Rhodes25;2943016]Cowher isn't dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The guy on TV said the Jets Front Office said they don't know if thats true and that they are still looking into this. He said that this isn't over and the Jets still have a chance.[/QUOTE]

    The door to the New York Jets' opening might not be closed for Bill Cowher just yet after all.

    A high-ranking Jets official told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen that the team is still planning to speak to Cowher about its vacant head coaching job. No time or place for the interview has been set, but the official says the Jets would be willing to do "whatever is necessary" to land Cowher if he is truly interested in taking the job.

    Cowher plans to speak publicly for the first time about the Jets' opening and other coaching opportunities during CBS' wild-card pregame show on Sunday, a source told 1050 ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand.

    Initially,'s John Clayton reported Cowher told the Jets he was not interested because he wanted his own personnel director. The Jets official's response indicates the team is willing to let Cowher replace current general manager Mike Tannenbaum with his own candidate.

    A Jets source also said Tannenbaum says he's willing to adjust his position to accommodate Cowher.

    Cowher has told friends the Jets job interested him for several reasons. First, Cowher would love to coach in the New York market. Second, two of his daughters are either going to school or working in the New York-New Jersey area.

    If Cowher doesn't take an open NFL head coaching job this offseason, he does plan to coach in 2010, sources told Clayton. In 2009, though, he is willing to return only if every situation is right for him. He wanted to have a two-year break from coaching to be with family and recharge.

    Last weekend, Cowher met with Browns owner Randy Lerner, who asked him what it would take financially for him to be the Browns' head coach. Having a close relationship with the Rooney family in Pittsburgh and still wanting more time with family, Cowher didn't give Lerner a price, and said no.

    Cowher recently extended his contract with CBS for another season.

    Chris Mortensen is a senior NFL analyst for ESPN. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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    Maybe I missed someone else saying this.

    Don't the Jets have to interview a minority before hiring anyone white anyway?

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    [QUOTE=Batmans A Scientist;2943644]Maybe I missed someone else saying this.

    Don't the Jets have to interview a minority before hiring anyone white anyway?[/QUOTE]

    Yes. It's been called the "Rooney Rule"

    The Rooney Rule, established in 2003[1], requires National Football League teams to interview minority candidates for a head coaching opportunity. The rule is named for Dan Rooney, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the chairman of the league's diversity committee, and is often cited as an example of affirmative action.

    Since the Rooney Rule was established, several NFL franchises have hired minority head coaches (including the Steelers themselves, who hired Mike Tomlin before their 2007 season). At the start of the 2006 season, the overall percentage of African American coaches had jumped to 22%, up from 6% prior to the Rooney Rule.[2] Even so, the policy is still debated and no team has stated whether the Rooney Rule contributed to the hiring of a minority.

    The rule does not apply if an assistant coach has language in his contract guaranteeing him the starting job in case of an opening. [1] This was the case when Mike Martz took over as head coach of the St. Louis Rams before the 2000 season. Also, the rule does not apply if the assistant coach taking over the head position is a minority, as was the case with Mike Singletary and the San Francisco 49ers in late 2008.[3]

    In 2003, the NFL fined the Detroit Lions $200,000 for failure to interview minority candidates for the team's vacant head coaching job. After Marty Mornhinweg was fired, the Lions immediately hired former San Francisco 49ers head coach Steve Mariucci to replace him without interviewing any other candidates. The Lions claimed they attempted to interview other candidates but that the minority candidates withdrew from interviews, believing Mariucci's hiring was inevitable.


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    [QUOTE=C Mart;2943653]Yes. It's been called the "Rooney Rule"


    I know the rule.

    My point is, for all this talk about "getting it done" and all the other stuff, none of it matters because the Jets still need to interview a minority before Cowher (or anyone else we're talking about) can happen. Unless they hire Cowher as a president, interview a minority, then decide to hire Cowher as a coach.

    BTW - I'm hoping we can avoid the politics of the rule, I'm just talking about the logistics.

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    I guess this means Romeo Crennell is gonna be interviewed by every team with a vacant HC spot...

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    Perhaps the whole "Chin" thing qualifies us as having interviewed an Asian candidate.

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    as per WFAN 3:00pm ish

    Listening in the car a while ago.....(20-20 news report)
    1) Jets have 3 candidates (known to the public at this point): Cowher, Spags, Marty Ball
    2) Holmgren is NOT a candidate
    3) Cowher has been contacted and spoken to, BUT HAS NOT MADE ANY DEMANDS

    So the talk earlier about him wanting to bring his own personnel guy as a condition MAY NOT BE ACCURATE.

    Don't shoot the messenger, just repeating what I heard on FAN 20 minutes ago with my own ears.
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    Jets need Cowher. End of story. Get him in the house. :steamin:

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    [QUOTE=DanJet24;2942960]Lets flood the Jets offices with Phone Calls!

    THis is ridiculous, I do not want to put up with this crap. We better wake up. Go get Bill C., and Get rid of Brett F.[/QUOTE]

    Do IT!!! and keep doing it until Cowher is coach. lol!!:yes:


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