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Thread: Read the ticker at Fox News

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCnflies View Post
    FWIW, this is an observation I have about libs vs. Conservatives. I know it is not 100% true; however, amongst most of those I know, it is overwhelmingly true. Anyway .......

    When Bush won, I had more lib friends (most of my teaching friends are libs) spewing vitriole about how they never give him a chance and that he was "your" president. One of them even told me that she thought the liberal states should secede and that the conservatives in the liberal states should have to leave and find new lives. He was evil, they would say.

    Now that Obama has won, the Dems have their dream leader. I believe in my heart, as do most conservatives, that he is awful for the country. Horrible. That he will sink us deeper into the hole Bush dug deep enough as it is. BUT we do recognize that he is the President, that he won the election and that he deserves a chance. So we reluctantly root for the guy and hope that we are proven wrong and that our country prospers.

    The Dems rooted for disaster that would lead to power for them.

    And if that is not good enough, now they resort to this. Boy they leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    That's because conservatives are good hearted, wholesome, upstanding people while liberals are the very definition of evil and should be rounded up and gassed to death for the sake of everything holy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post
    That's because conservatives are good hearted, wholesome, upstanding people while liberals are the very definition of evil and should be rounded up and gassed to death for the sake of everything holy.
    I knew you would finally come around to seeing things as they are

    But seriously, given that (imo) neither conservatives nor liberals are perfect at living up to their world views, there is a seed of truth (but not the whole picture) within those views.

    Conservatives, social ones at least, recognize the existence of certain rules to live by that are centered not on ourselves, but on our Creator. And that our desires must be subject to His.

    Liberals, at least the more progressive ones, recognize no such set of rules - or if they see some set of rules, it must be modified to fit within what they feel is true.

    Before everyone goes nuts, consider the hot button topics of abortion, homosexuality and porn.

    I am not saying that conservatives make better more moral people. What I am saying is that whether it be some part of the genetic predisposition or an attitude cultured through a life that emphasizes death to self and submission (and scripture that teaches God appoints national leaders for His purpose), it makes some sense that conservatives would be more likely to accept their "arch enemy" and give him a chance.

    Perhaps an equally good argument can be made against, but I think that is a fair one for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatthe View Post
    How can Obama possibly sink us in a hole any worse, the Bush Presidency has been a failure on so many levels

    And you dont hate Obama, if you hated him you wouldnt admit him as your president, I hated Bush with every fiber of my being, he was not my President, he just happened to preside over the country that I happened to be living in, he cheated and lied in his way to get to the top, he was a failure on every level and should be punished for what he did to this country
    BSubdouche, how the hell are ya? "should be punished" - keep that Bush bonfire burning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sackdance View Post
    BSubdouche, how the hell are ya? "should be punished" - keep that Bush bonfire burning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauliec View Post
    Warfish just kicked the **** out of you.
    Nah. Warfish got Pwned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    Ladies and gentlemen, the most gullible forum poster possible in 2009.

    I cannot fathom how frigging eager some of you must be to hate and despise those who disagree with you, that you would believe for a milisecond that FOX would actually put "Magic Negro" up on their scroll.

    It would take a capable IT guy about thrity seconds to fake that Youtube. With all due respect, I don't buy it as authentic.

    But if it is, I am sure the NAACP, American Civil Liberties Union, and ALL of the other Media outlets in the United States will soon pounce on it and make it a huge story.


    Edit: What is even funnier about this, is it's not even a NEWS's apparently one of theose "type in a message om the interweb" tickers. So at worst, you have an breach in quality assurance. Yet you (predictably) have enlarged that to blanket, imbedded, corporate "Racism" on the part of FOX>

    Holy hell. The hatred you guys have is so painful to see sometimes. Really. I wonder, if you could round up all the FOX and Rush viewers/listeners, what you enlightened lefties might do with them given half a chance......
    No, Left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCnflies View Post
    I love it when people tell me what I do and don;t do.

    You have kind of made my point for me here. Trust me, I truly hate everything Obama stands for - quite literally with everything in me. He either is or believes in:

    1) He voted present more than he took a position on issues. This is many things, but it is clearly selfish, not what he was elected to do as a senator and, at least in part, cowardly. I say that because the obvious reason for doing so is to not have to answer for a controversial vote when running for president.

    2) His early actions suggest a lack of integrity. Can anyone say that, when he thought Hillary would be the money leader, he took a vow to go only on public funding but then when George Souros came a knocking, he jumped at the $$$$ and the sure fire debt that comes with it.

    3) He argues against caring for infants that survive a botched abortion. That is hideous and, if he isn;t moved inside by the cry of such an in fant as being far bigger than the abortion issue, I am worried exactly what he would be moved by. Even Ted Kennedy was repulsed by such an action. Please don;t give me the cop out line about how he wanted the language changed. It was changed and he still argued against it.

    4) He has already begun the tax rate dance. From no increase for those less than 300K in the early primaries to 250K to 200K to some of his future cabinet members even saying 120K.

    5) His positions on everything from government administered healthcare to taxing businesses to his tendencies toward radical environmentalism and its potential to bury us with energy dependence is, to me, terrifying.

    6) History suggests that raising taxes during a recession can easily catapult us into a depression - yet he is still looking to increase taxes.

    7) His complete disregard for those who are finally breaking in to the "successful +" category. I am 45, paid my own way through college, bought my own homes, was 30 days late a couple of times when things got really tight, survived raising two kids in diapers during three years with no raises by working 60 - 80 hour weeks (which I also did in college.) So now, when the good side of the work starts coming my way, he decides he has the right to redistribute my wealth (about 120K annually) to someone else? That is a disrespectful slap in my face.

    7) His agenda will drive us closer to socialism, if followed, than any other President has ever gone. Socialism is a radical reinvention of our Constution.

    8) Look at the character of some of the prominent men who voted for Obama - Sharpton, Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, Souros, etc. Don't you think that anyone these people would endorse for the Presidency could be dangerous for our country? These people know Obama far better than you or I yet they voted with glee for the man, their faces radiating as if their first born son just arrived.

    This is a start, but hardly a complete list.

    But here's the thing. While every bone in my body swears this guy will be a cancer on our country, I know two things:

    1) I can be wrong. I truly hope I am because, if I am wrong and he helps our country and does much good, WE will be better for it. Almost no liberal I know will say the same things about Bush - at least at the time I took over. And We being better off is far more important than me being "right"

    2) Those who disagree with me are my fellow Americans and they have just as much rights as I to see their views enacted. Let's see if they work. If they don't, Obama will not be reelected.

    I was wrong about Bush. The image, a compassionate conservative who cared about education and would return a level of honesty to the White House that Clinton destroyed, was obviously exactly that - a deceptive, lying image. The fact is that Bush was elected, primarily, because the Dems had screwed up and their candidates were weak. Get over the "he stole the election" whine. His win was like a bang bang play in sports ....... if a Dem would have won, others could have screamed the Dem stole the election.

    Now we have Obama, the carefully packaged knight in shining armor, eerily promoted in near Messianic overtones, about to manage the country right before our eyes. Let's hope his reality is as those who voted for him believe it is. Let's hope it is not what I see. Let's hope he does not discard the centrist costume for an agenda that would make Farrakhan and Rev. Wright proud. The fact that plenty of Americans voted him in gives him the right to lead.

    Yes, Bush's economic atrocities have stifled us and his illogical decision to unnecessarily attack Iraq is a moral atrocity. But, in such a cesspool environment, Obama has been handed the ball. Obama's mistakes will hurt more and cut deeper because our strength has been cut to dangerously low levels. Because of the uncomfortably delicate, dangerous times, a false step by Obama can lead to devastation.

    One of the best posts I've ever read in the political forum. Good on ya, mate. Well done


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