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Thread: Pettine gets 3-year deal as Jets DC

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    [QUOTE=Phoenixx;2981209]Does Rex Ryan's mouth count ??[/QUOTE]


    Sadly I am at work, and connot listen to the presser, but wanted to update the offseason thread if it was confirmed officially.

    No need for sarcasm ffs.

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    Mike P looks like Paulie Jr. From American Chopper

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    [QUOTE=jetstream23;2981200]Okay, so the Ravens are heading in a completely new direction on defense or do we think they'll promote a defensive positional coach? I'd imagine they're not scrapping their 3-4.[/QUOTE]

    Probably an internal guy. Harbaugh brought in some new coaches this past year , particularly Clarence Brooks and Greg Mattison. It's believed that one of them will get the job.


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