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Thread: REXORCIST! Great Article and Title From NY Post

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    REXORCIST! Great Article and Title From NY Post


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    Kinda depressing article actually :(

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    cute little phrases like "rexcellent" and "rexpectations" are going to get old quick.

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    [QUOTE=Pac2566;2980890]cute little phrases like "rexcellent" and "rexpectations" are going to get old quick.[/QUOTE]

    LOL - you're probably right.

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    God this franchise is cursed. Brings back terrible memories.:steamin:

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    Someone tell Serby that Belichick came before Groh.

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    Serby is a friggin idiot! He should be fired from the Post for writing garbage like this. Most every NFL team except maybe a few could compile their own list of bad draft picks and bad coaches etc., I remember right after Herm got here and had to listen to all of this crap from the same ole writers that he made some comments about getting rid of ghosts around here etc.,

    if you ask me, same ole, same ole applies to the stupid writers that write about the Jets. They need to be Rexorcised right the F*** outta here. I'm so sick of this garbage. Rex doesn't need to hear this bull****! pressure on NFL coaches is enough without throwing gas on the fire with absurd accusations like we are cursed. Get a life Serby. It's pretty obvious that your reaching for straws AGAIN because your narrow minded little brain can't come up with anything else to write about. They should ban your ass from the press conferences you negative phoney.


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