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Thread: OT: Giants fan in shambles

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    [QUOTE=crayc;2986976]reminds me of the fat dude from the goonies crying, LOL[/QUOTE]

    hence the SBIII references :yes:

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    "Leave Brittany alone!"

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    That's me when the Jets don't score in the opening drive of the 1st preseason game.

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    You know, every Giants fan looks like this guy

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    All I can say is "Wow, Eli Manning BLEW UP! Too many Double-Stuffed Oreos"

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    I like this one even better entitled "FANATIC GAY PATRIOTS FAN CRYING OVER GIANTS SUPERBOWL WIN".

    Hmmm, a gay patriot fan, what are the odds? :P


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    at least we don't go to game to play with big penises.

    Did you get to grab this one Limo?


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    I am not going to say I never cried in my life.

    But never over a football game although i have been plenty dissapointed.

    I wasn't even half this unconsolable when beloved family members passed on.

    What is wrong with this guy?

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    What I find more scary is that this isn't just one Giants fan. Over the past couple of weeks since they lost all I hear from Giants fans in bars, friends, radio stations(especially on Mike Francesca the day after they lost) is how they were they best team blah, blah, blah. I really think they took last years SuperBowl win for granted and the win went straight to their heads.

    What I find the most satisfactory is hearing them complain about Eli's arm strength in that last game and how he blew their season because he had the noodle arm. Sound familiar?

    Very funny!

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    What a loser. Seriously, huge loser.

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    [QUOTE=pauliec;2987811]What a loser. Seriously, huge loser.[/QUOTE]

    like, huge. SERIOUSLY.

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    [QUOTE=Dirtstar;2987821]like, huge. SERIOUSLY.[/QUOTE]


    No, wait, I mean DEFINITELY.

    Btw, the dude totally looks like Donkey Lips from Salute Your Shorts.

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    No, wait, I mean DEFINITELY.

    [B]Btw, the dude totally looks like Donkey Lips from Salute Your Shorts.[/B][/QUOTE]


    i want to get this made into a shirt:




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