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Thread: Rocky The Bear Picks Steelers To Win Super Bowl (video)

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    Rocky The Bear Picks Steelers To Win Super Bowl (video)

    Its pretty funny, too bad Rocky will be wrong.

    Rocky The Kodiak Bear at the Pittsburgh Zoo chose the Steelers to win the Super Bowl. Rocky had two boxes--one with the Steelers logo and one with the Cardinals logo--both with food in them.

    Last year some bear picked the Patriots but we all know how what turned out.

    Seriously though, could you bet against Kurt Warner in the playoffs?

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    I can bet against Kurt Warner in the playoffs and I will. The Cards won't know what hit them when the Steelers D is all over Warner and jamming the hell out of Fitz at the line and covering him over the top with a saftey by the name of Troy Polamalu out of USC. They haven't played a defense the quality of Pittsburgh. I say the Steelers will win going away.
    As long as Roethlisberger takes care of the ball they won't have any trouble with the Cards. That D collapsed against the Eagles who don't have a single WR and let them get back in the game. They won't have that opportunity against Pittsburgh, but if they did. A good defense beats a good offense nine times out of 10, and Pittsburgh's D is the best.

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    Here is my theory & I'm sticking with it ..

    Last time we had a coordinator leave one organization to go to another and become coach and then meet his former team in the Super Bowl was in 2002-2003, Bucs vs Raiders.. Gruden..

    Gruden is known for his offensive knowledge. The team he just left was built around a solid passing game.. Gruden/Bucs had the upper hand all day against the Raiders..

    Fast forward 6 years

    ken whisenhunt was the OC for the steelers. To me it smells like a repeat of 2002-2003. Ken will know the tendacies of Ben and the steelers. The cards have created a lot of turnovers during the playoffs.. And I think that is going to continue..

    One more point.. Steelers DB's are the weakest point of their defense.. They aren't bad but compared to the front 7, they aren't as good..
    As long as Warner has time, and I think they will with short drops and a lot of crossing & slant patterns, they'll move the ball..

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    Rocky knows more about football than Mike Fatcessa.


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