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Thread: The Birth Of "Big E" - Joe's BBQ Pit

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    The Birth Of "Big E" - Joe's BBQ Pit

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    Several folks have asked about the BBQ pit I'm going to be making. Thanks to all that have helped with advice and such.

    My goal with this rig is to be able to cook for the folks we serve at the rescue mission downtown. We do breakfast now and it's cool and all but you don't really have much opportunity to talk to the people. It's 15 seconds of "Hey, how are you?" and you place the pancake or scoop of syrup on the tray and then you're on to the next guy. It seemed to me that it would be cool to pull the trailer downtown and set up in the parking lot and just hang out all night cooking. BBQ at it's core is basically shooting the breeze in front of a campfire. And this will allow me to do this. Smelling that burning hickory and pork fat for 14 hours is like a cattle call for people. I think I can draw a good crowd. Especially when it's free.

    I also will use it to feed my Bryant Boat employees. We have regular events where I'll be serving 75-100 folks. We have a Bryant Boat Owners thing in the Summer where owners have a get together at our factory and I'll use it there too.

    Depending on how that goes, I can see branching out to other catering type gigs. I don't think it will be too hard to connect with folks that want some sort of event catered. And if that goes well, then a real brick and mortar restaurant might be the end result.

    I started with a boat trailer for one of our 27' boats. We cut the bunks and fenders off and we've added a floor to it that is 16' long x 8' wide. This thing is going to be pretty big.

    On one end, I'm going to have a cabinet style upright smoker. It will have 2 cooking chambers that are 48" wide x 36" deep x 48" tall. Fired by a firebox below that is 44" wide x 27"deep x 36" tall. One of the unique features I'm going to have on this is that the firebox will feed two cooking chambers that are separate and I'll be able to control the heat in each chamber. I think that this will be much better than one huge cooking chamber.

    At the other end of the trailer, I will have a charcoal grill that will be 96" wide by 36" deep. Lots of room for grilling.

    Along the starboard side (that's the right side if you're facing forward for you land lovers ) I'll have a sink and prep station. Along the port side (other side), I'm going to have a cooking area with 3 propane burners (like you'd use for frying a turkey) that give me a lot of flexibility to cook whatever I want like on a stove top. Whether it's fried chicken, or baked beans or big skillets or maybe even rig up a flat top type insert.

    I'll have a roof and awning type side pieces that fold out for protection in the rain. Generator for lights and such.

    Modeling after a cooker that a guy I know owns. Adding some tweaks that I like and making it my own.

    Should be a good deal. At the very least a fun project for my Dad and I. He's a master craftsman and loves stuff like this. I'm a hack but I'm a pretty good helper.

    I'll post pics for anyone interested.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fmimi View Post
    Several folks have asked about the BBQ pit I'm going to be making.
    Link or it didn't happen


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