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Thread: Knicks Deadline Deals

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    Knicks Deadline Deals


    Larry Hughes
    Chris Wilcox

    Give Up:

    Tim Thomas
    Jerome James
    Anthony Roberson (is this official? the reports I've seen haven't mentioned his name)
    Malik Rose

    Overall, I think it's a very productive day for the Knicks. They made some decent improvement to the current team without making any sacrifices to the future, mainly the cap situation come 2010. Hughes should fill the void at shooting guard nicely. Part of me wanted them to pull the trigger on the Nate/Jeffries to the Kings trade just because it's so important to somehow get rid of Jeffries, but the bright side is we get to see Nate for the remainder of the season. So, good day for the Knicks and another job well done by Walsh IMO.
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    Nate traded too??

    Just heard from someone with intimate knowledge of the situation that the Knicks will send Nate Robinson and Jared Jeffries to the Sacramento Kings for Kenny Thomas.

    The trade shed Jeffries' $6.8 million salary off the 2010-11 payroll, but it loses one of the Knicks' most popular players. Robinson will be a restricted free agent this summer.

    Thomas' contract expires in 2010. It is yet another multiple-for-one trade, which opens up yet another roster spot and adds yet another expiring contract.

    Donnie the Dealer has been busy today.

    Fans won't like this but it makes sense. Another contract off the books (Jeffries) for the 2010 FA season.

    Nate, although fun to watch, is not a PG and too small for SG.


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