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Thread: Madden 2010 Player Movement Blog

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    Madden 2010 Player Movement Blog

    Some Madden 2010 details revolving around player movement & player momentum. The strides I am seeing definitely make 2010 look very good from what has been shown to us fans so far. Thoughts?

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    I've been following the blogs regularly and the game does look very promising. They are catering to players who want an actual "simulation" of NFL football instead of 7th graders who want to score 100 points a game. This is the first year that the new design team has a had a whole product year under their belts so the game is headed in a good direction.

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    Looks a lot better. Still needs a lot of work as a whole though. Everything feels so sharp and jittery in the game.

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    Extremely interesting stuff here.


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