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Thread: Need Your Help!

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    ... got ya again ...

    ... 2 days - 2 ruth's chris votes !! ...


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    BTW - looking thru the lists I saw Lenny's Burger Shop for best burger. That place was awesome back in the day. Spent many a day at the place curing my bong fueled munchies

    mmmm LennyBurgers

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    [quote=32green;3080588]True. I need to eat the steak in Arizona before I vote.

    What if we're voting against a superior steak product produced by a man who isnt a Jet fan with all the attendant benefits of such fandom?[/quote]

    Agreed. People here are voting for a product they've never had against local people who have presumably sampled said products. Just sayin.

    But then again, Texas Roadhouse is currently in 2nd place, so there's no accounting for taste in that community.
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    OK, I voted. You're Durants, right? I skimmed the original post before I voted.

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    There's a Capital Grille in Phoenix? I went to one in Philly, I didn't realize it was a national brand. Good place.

    I voted for Donovan's. I was supposed to do that, right?

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    I know we only have 3 restaurants, 2 in San Diego, and 1 in Phoenix but it's hard to believe not one of you have ever had the opportunity to experience a Donovan's.

    Anybody?? joe willie?? help me out here

    32, Jordy, your first Donovan's steak is on me. Always enjoy your posts and I want you to feel good about your support!

    MacPac,'ll have to trust us!

    Thanks Guys!


  7. #27're at 19%...about the iced tea...i want a long island version...

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    [QUOTE=AzJetFan;3079292]Easier to compete with the other topics this way! Sorry in advance....
    But I need your help!

    Once again my restaurant, Donovan's Steak & Chop House is defending it's title for "Best Steakhouse" in the Phoenix area.

    We are an independant going against national chains in a tough economy.
    Our lead is starting to fade due to agressive campaigns by our competitors who can pull from a national employee base.

    I am calling on my Jet Brotheren once again, to help defeat the pretenders by voting for Donovan's, the only steakhouse in the Phoenix market serving 100% Prime Beef for all of our cuts, 100% of the time!

    In return I can promise all of you free ice tea refills, and promise to look the other way when you snag a handful of candies on your way out the door!:yes:

    Please follow the link, select "Best Steakhouse" and choose Donovan's!


    Thanks for your help!


    Voted. 19% now.

    I got your PM. I'm going to get up there with the wife in the next few weeks for dinner and will give you a heads up before doing so.


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    ... got ya X3 ...

    ... i've now fulfilled my quota on niceness ...


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    Voted! Still got a 6% lead

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    Done. I see your at 19% and still in first place. ;)

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    [quote=AzJetFan;3081681]32, Jordy, your first Donovan's steak is on me.[/quote]

    OK buddy! I'm printing this post as we speak. Kinda like a coupon. ;)

    [quote=AzJetFan][B]Always enjoy your posts[/B] and I want you to feel good about your support![/quote]

    Your $20 is in the mail.

    [quote=AzJetFan]MacPac,'ll have to trust us![/quote]


    I will try to get to AZ for a golf vacation with the wife and we'll make a point of stopping in. Thanks!


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