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Thread: American Crew Regains Contol of Hijacked Ship

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    American Crew Regains Contol of Hijacked Ship

    You can read the article, but I'll short summarize it:

    An American crew seized control against a group of "pirates" off the coast of Somalia who were attempting to take over an American flagged vessel.

    One pirate is in custody.

    Entire crew is safe.

    **** YOU, you stupid pirate *******s!

    USA rocks,2933,513238,00.html
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    Chuck Norris has nothing on these guys

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    They said one in custody; are we to assume the others fled or (crosses fingers) are dead?

    I think the crew had some training too. Good ol' American know how. Actually you'd think these ships would mount a 50 cal on either end of the boat and if a boat approaches you dust it.


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