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Thread: Question about hockey lol....

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    Question about hockey lol....

    Ok, i see highlights all the time but when a team is down and they leave the goalie to bring an extra skater on, has a team EVER won doing that? It always seems like it backfires and an empty net goal always scores. (I know ZERO about hockey but very curious)

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    Yea, it's not all that unusual. Well at least that the team pulling the goalie ties up the game and sends it to OT. I'd actually like to find statistics on that.

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    Down a goal with under 2 minutes left you have nothing to lose. You need a goal and it makes no difference(except in certain seeding tiebreakers) if you give one up.

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    check this video out....

    edmonton went on to win this game in a shootout....

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    Yes, it happens. Not often, but it does happen.

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    See the NCAA championship last night? Boston U trailed Miami 3 -1 in the last minute. Pulled their goalie and scored twice to tie! Boston U won in OT. incredible game.


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