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Thread: 'The Fix' by Declan Hill

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    'The Fix' by Declan Hill

    I caught part of an interview with this guy on Sirius radio(World Soccer Daily w/Steve Cohen and Kenny Hassan, I believe) this week, and wasn't quite sure what to make of him. He's penned a book, 'The Fix', about organized crime and pro soccer.

    I tried googling Declan Hill's credentials, but came up with nothing conclusive. He paints a fairly nasty picture of what's going in at all levels of the sport. Apparently, his book starts out with a high ranking member of the Russian mafia in the presidents booth with Al Gore and some other muckity mucks during the final of the '94 World Cup.

    Anyone here read it or hear much about it?

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    This is from Wikipedia:

    Declan Hill is the Canadian journalist at the centre of a 2008 controversy involving match-fixing in the 2006 World Cup and the German Bundesliga.[1] His 2008 book The Fix as well as an interview he did with German magazine Der Spiegel[2][3], suggest possible match-fixing at the highest levels of professional association football. Specializing in sports corruption, he has a Doctorate in Sociology from the University of Oxford for his work studying match-fixing in football, is a consultant to the Anti Corruption Training and Consulting Group (ACTC), was a reviewer on the Global Integrity Report: 2007, and has probed the impact of the Russian mafia on professional hockey.[4] He won the 2007 Canadian Association of Journalists Award for best investigative radio documentary[5] and is an Amnesty International Canada 2003 Media Award Winner[6].

    He sounds like he's got a pretty decent background. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if there was mafia involvement in soccer's highest levels.

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    I read here that Steven Gerrard was forced to remain with Liverpool by organized crime in England.


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