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Thread: Very Cool NBA Draft Simulator

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    Very Cool NBA Draft Simulator

    This program is on

    It lets you "play" the draft lottery, and gives draft projections based on the lottery results.

    I have done it about 30 times, and the Knicks usually end up around the 8 spot and draft Stephen Curry.

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    The Knicks better draft Jonny Flynn out of Syracuse.

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    They have not included him in this game. Maybe when he signs with an agent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJet View Post
    They have not included him in this game. Maybe when he signs with an agent?
    Already happened, but it was today so its likely the simulator just needs to be updated.

    Syracuse's Flynn leaves, hires agent for NBA draft

    SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) -Syracuse sophomore point guard Jonny Flynn has signed with an agent, officially ending his college basketball career.

    In a video interview posted Thursday on, Flynn says leaving Syracuse early to enter the NBA draft was the hardest decision of his life.

    Flynn says he signed with Leon Rose's Creative Artists Agency Sports. The NBA draft will be held June 25.

    Flynn's teammates Paul Harris and Eric Devendorf also are planning to declare for the NBA draft, but have not said whether they will hire agents. Underclassmen have until April 26 to declare for the NBA draft. Athletes have until June 15 to withdraw, if they do not hire an agent.

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    Knicks have a ton of options.

    Flynn, Evans, Henderson, Warren, Harden, Curry.

    I wouldn't be mad with any of them but I do prefer a lead guard so Flynn is my favorite IF we stay at the 8th spot and no deal is made. It would be hard to pass up on a guy like Harden just because he struggled at the end of the year, sort of like my man Eric Gordon did.

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    This is what makes the supreme difference...

    The Flynn/Lebron Connection
    by Tommy Dee

    It appears that Johny Flynn has come to terms with an agent, and how did he find that agent you ask?

    According to the scoop sharks up in Syracuse like Brent Axe none other than Lebron James.

    “…It is not like Jonny Flynn woke up one day after making that March 22 quote and suddenly realized he could put his name in the draft. It seemed like it would take a tidal wave in the testing waters to shake him from his “just looking” approach to the NBA Draft.

    Who knew the answer to that may be the biggest name in the league Flynn now wants to be a part of.

    Lebron James. Yes, THAT one.

    Most of you will remember that Flynn attended Lebron’s skills academy last summer where he did very, very well.

    I’m sure most of you also remember this report about King James courting Flynn’s services for his agent, Leon Rose.

    Just so happens Rose was also recently on the SU campus to give a lecture.

    See where we are heading? We don’t exactly need the team from “CSI” to crack this one.

    What may take the team from “CSI” to prove is what is becoming a favorite conspiracy theory of mine.

    Two NBA scouts that Kevin Ware (the producer and update anchor on my ESPN Radio show) spoke with today said that the New York Knicks love Flynn. We all know how badly the Knicks are going to want Lebron next summer.

    It turns out that love is mutual as some spies tell me that Flynn is a big Knicks guy and can’t wait to work out for them to show them what he can do.

    Seems to be a long, winding road just to get Lebron to go to New York, as opposed to just offering him all the money Bernie Madoff didn’t get his hands on, but wouldn’t stun me in the least bit.

    Conspiracy theory aside, the fact that Lebron James seems to be smitten with Flynn is about as high as praise gets. While we had visions of national championships dancing in our heads, it seems Lebron has visions of many years of Sportscenter Top 10’s, and perhaps a title or two, dancing in his head while maybe partnering with Flynn.

    Or maybe Lebron just likes the kid. Either way, LEBRON JAMES seems to be going out of his way to help Flynn achieve his NBA dream. No offense to our Hall of Fame head coach, but that will trump playing for Jim Boeheim for another season any day in the mind of player from this generation trying to make his way to the league…”

    To think that Lebron would come to NY because of his relationship with Flynn may seem laughable for those sure Lebron will stay in Cleveland, but Flynn is a heck of a talent. The more you try to put 2010 on the back burner, the more it just keeps coming up.

    Right now Flynn is predicted to go in the mid first round by draftexpress, which means that unless he has a great workout for a team in the top 12, Walsh will look to trade down, nab a point guard and secure another pick or piece should they fail to get lucky with the ping pong balls.

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    Rest assured no matter who the Knicks pick it will be a mediocre player or worse.


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