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Thread: NFL in talks on London Super Bowl

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    [QUOTE=isired;3099272]i thought that any additional games would be in lieu of preseason, so they wouldn't necessarily push the schedule back, right?[/QUOTE]

    They wouldn't start the season before labor day. It's simply dangerous to play regular season games in August. That's why almost all preseason games are at night.

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    [QUOTE=JamesR;3098128]... yet you're happy that the winning team will still call themselves WORLD champions?


    It's the premier league for the sport in the world. That's what makes them "world" champions.

    Why would we want the Super Bowl in London? So nobody in the crowd knows how to react to the action? Great idea...

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    ... england and germany seem to be the other countries that have the most interest outside of north america ... it probably is a sound decision as far as attempting to globalize the sport ...



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