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Thread: GM Tannenbaum: Jets looking to move up(for any number of players)

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    [QUOTE=MileHiJetMan;3099037]All I know is that by 8 PM EST Saturday, [B]the Jets will have a veteran QB on their roster.[/B]

    There is no way they go into the season with 2 unproven QB's with 8 games between them.

    If this was Cincinnati, then yes, we do that.

    But this is New York. Too big a risk and Tannenbaum is not going to take it.[/QUOTE]

    I dont think so - I think we are gonna ride with KC- just my gut talking

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    [QUOTE=woodside;3098833]didnt he have as many tds last season as gholston had offensive plays in his rookie year?[/QUOTE]

    ... fixed ;) ...



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