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Thread: Sat morn ver of my Final Mock draft

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    Sat morn ver of my Final Mock draft

    [U]I'm really struggling trying to figure out what KC, SEA, CLE and JAX are going to do and how their moves impact Raji, Monroe, Crabtree and Curry. I want to put Raji in #3, and I want to put Crabtree at #5. but i can't. And the trade scenarios have grown too wild. so here it. [/U]

    [I]ps. all of you sheep who suddenly put DHB at #7 and Tyson Jackson at #3 should be ashamed of yourselves.[/I]


    DET can took Stafford. the right move. end of story.

    [B]2. STL: J. SMITH, OT. BAYLOR [/B]
    Pace is out, and STL is drafting his replacement. Maybe it's Monroe maybe it's not. Everyone in stl thinks it's Smith

    [B]3. KC: E. MUNROE, OT. VIRGINIA [/B]
    Some say Raji, some say Jackson, some say Curry, but for #3 money, there's only one position on the board that you can bank on. OT. kick albert in to LG, have monroe at LT and proceed to have the greatest weakside running game and pass protection in the AFC west.

    [B]4. SEA: M. SANCHEZ, QB. USC[/B]
    though trade or new era for Mora, Sanchez will go here

    I had Crabtree going here, but obviously if curry is here, CLE will take him no questions asked

    [B]6. CIN: A. SMITH, OT. ALABAMA [/B]
    Protect Palmer = maybe winning 8 games. Seems like the best case scenario for CIN his year

    [B]7. OAK: J. MACLIN, WR. MIZZOU[/B]
    Thought long and hard about this, and I think after the last few disastrous years of FA and draft picks, maybe they’ll just take the best WR that has the measurables.

    Kind of obligatory pick if he's there...but JAX might just say eff this and go Raji.. Raji is a beast.

    [B]9. GB: B.J. RAJI, DT, BC[/B].
    My gut tells me Raji will never make it this far. lets see.

    [B]10. SF: M. OHER, OT. OLE MISS [/B]
    Singletary wants a smashmouth defense and a smash mouth offense. If one of the 4 OTs is still there, mark it down.

    [B]11. BUF: B. ORAKPO, DE. TEXAS[/B]
    With all the elite OTs off the board, back to drafting a pass rusher

    [B]12. DEN: T. JACKSON, DE. LSU[/B]
    Pro-bowl QB or not, DEN blew it last season on DEF. bank on Jackson.

    [B]13. WSH: A. MAYBIN, DE/OLB. PENN ST. [/B]
    Even if they trade with SEA, I could see SEA taking this guy. Otherwise WSH would like to get that strong side OLB filled Maybin has tons of potential.

    [B]14. NO: C. MATTHEWS, OLB. USC [/B]
    These guys are all over the board. Some think they're foolish enough to take another RB, others say it's a lock to take Jenkins. While Corner is a need, there is some reasonable depth and OLB is right up there. I think Matthews is the sleeper hit of the USC bunch

    [B]17. HOU: M. JENKINS, CB. OH ST.[/B]
    With Matthews off the board, Jenkins is the BPA for them.

    [B]16. SD: K. MORENO, RB. GEORGIA[/B]
    SD needs O-Line and some help on the inside linebacking position, and had Moreno not been there, probably would have opted for Maualuga. If LT gets injured next year and misses time, SD will suffer a much worse collapse than the one seen by loosing Merriman. Moreno can be LT's Turner for the next year and half.

    The Jets will be devastated to see and Moreno go off the board before them. Wells is still on the board, but consensus is he does not represent a massive upgrade over the RBs available in the later rounds. I imagine the Jets will try to trade out, namely with the NYG but I don't think they'll find alot of partners. The Jets need at TE is much more significant than most think. For a team looking to field a young QB and hammer the rock 35+ times a game, having a TE who can block for you RBs, and catch for your QB is a perfect fit. Won't be the popular pick by any means.

    They continue to beef up the defense.

    [B]19. TB: J. FREEMAN, QB. KANSAS ST.[/B]
    I flirted with a pass rusher here, still could be the case, but that just could be to lessen the interest in the guy the really want and know will take a year to develop.

    [B]20: DET: E. BRITTON, OT. ARZ.[/B]
    The Lions aren't expecting to make the playoffs this year. Makes more sense to take an O-lineman now and give him a year to work on his craft as Stafford is transitioned in slowly. They can work on DEF next year.

    [B]21. PHI: R. AYERS, DE. TENN[/B]
    If PHI doesn’t get involved in a trade, they’ll be ticked off they missed on Moreno and Pettigrew but will wait for a RB as they need to keep that D-line packed with talent to stay alive in the NFC east.

    Not the sexiest pick, but it sure will make one of the QBs look a little sexier (they hope).

    [B]23. NE: B. CUSHING, OLB. USC[/B]
    With a need at LB this is just too good to be true.

    [B]24. ATL: P. JERRY, DT. OLE MISS[/B]
    Nothing special to report here. ATL will fill one of it's big needs. Cushing is the other possibility.

    Probably should be taking Davis, but given the recent test result scandal, Butler is the next best thing.

    [B]26. BLT: R. MAUALUGA, ILB. USC.[/B]
    It's Baltimore and as much as we all would like to credit Flacco and his eyebrows for that surprise run last year, without a stout Defense the ravens no flock worth taking seriously. Scott's flown away to the Jets, and Ray was around when the ark of the covenant was lost, so what better way to replace Ray than with Rey? (say that last whole part out loud). Mark it down. Rey over Heyward-Bey.

    [B]27. IND: E. HOOD. MIZZOU[/B]
    Defensive tackle is certainly a need for this team. Manning isn't gonna be throwing anymore 40+ TD seasons. A Defense is necessary to keep IND competitive.

    [B]28. BUF: M. UNGER, C/OT. OREG.[/B]
    No Pettigrew, no Beatty and took a pass rusher with their first picks leaves them taking Unger who played 2 years of LT before moving to center. Versatile and will help the O-line immediately.

    If by some force NY hasn't traded up, or for Edwards, they will certainly look at WR, namely DHB if he's there.

    [B]30. TEN: V. DAVIS, CB. ILLINOIS[/B]
    Definitely a need they will try to address in round 1. Can't really think of a way to elaborate on it. They're thin and they want to keep their defensive identity in tact.

    [B]31. ARZ: C. WELLS, RB. OHIO ST[/B]
    Hard to believe Wells fell this far, but ARZ won’t be disappointed at all.

    [B]32. PIT: A. MACK, C. CAL.[/B]
    The Steelers will be more than happy to take Mack off the board, filling a major need and helping the QB Big Ben to save a couple of his 9 lives for down the road.


    1st rnd: B. Pettigrew -TE, OKLA ST.
    2nd rnd: F. Moala -DT, USC
    3rd rnd: A. Brown -RB, N.C. ST.
    4th rnd: P. Turner -WR, USC
    6th rnd: H. Milton -DE/OLB, TEXAS
    7th rnd: C. Clemons -S, Clemson

    IF THEY MANAGE TO TRADE BACK (late first/early 2nd)

    1st rnd: R. Brace -DT, BC
    2nd rnd: K. Britt -WR, Rutgers
    2nd rnd: J. Gilbert -DE, SJ ST.
    3rd rnd: A. Brown -RB, N.C. ST
    4th rnd: A. Hill -TE, N.C. ST.
    4th rnd: M. Mickens -CB, CIN
    6th rnd: G. Isdaner -OT/OG, W. VIRG
    7th rnd: C. Clemons -S, Clemson
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