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Thread: Since it's draft day: Everyone STATE who you REALLY WANT the Jets to draft here in 09

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    Honestly being we don't have a premier WR, i want crabtree if i had my pick of anyone, maclin as a 2nd option and Pettigrew and Moreno as the realistic picks..

    I just really really really really don't want to loose our 2nd and 3rd picks this year. give away next year's first if you have to, but the defensive talent in those rounds is such that i think we must keep thos picks..

    Brace, Gilbert, Hood, Scott, Moala, hell even Barwin

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    [QUOTE=Jet Ski;3099910]Trade up- Raji
    Trade down- Brace
    Stay pat- Maualuga or Moreno[/QUOTE]

    This sounds good - just don't take Freeman, Amen.

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    My dream pick is Raji, and that would only happen with a trade up. If Jets trully want Sanchez, I'm more then happy with that trade up too.

    At #17 I hope it's Maclin. Then Wells; and Pettigrew as a fallback option is fine by me.

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    Brian Cushing.

    Will be an impact defender for a decade.

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    [QUOTE=simijet;3099589]Trade down and take Britt.[/QUOTE]

    I have said Britt all the way...but with the TJ issue...we may need to go RB...Moreno or Wells....if we got one of those two...and we got Britt in the guys would hear me scream all the way to NYC....! Will not happen I know...but I have been dreaming for 41 years.....

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    Dream outcome for me...

    If Sanchez is still there at 8, swop our first with the Jags and give them our 2nd and 6th.

    Trade our 4th and next year's 2nd to the Browns for Braylon Edwards.

    End result = [I]Sanchez throwing deep, to Edwards. Touchdown Jets!!![/I] :D

    Been realistic though, if no trades are possible then BPA WR in the first and RB in the second. If the Browns take Sanchez, then use our second to grab Quinn.

    So long as we concentrate on the offense with the first couple of picks I will be reasonably happy.

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    1. Sanchez
    2. Harvin
    3. Moreno

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    brian orakpo
    chris "beanie" wells or know'shon moreno

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    & I don't want Quinn
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    moreno or wells would make me happy

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    1st - Moreno

    2nd - Robiskie or Gilbert

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    VIVA SANCHEZ!!! (that's a chant we had for him here at 'SC) Hands down.

    I saw all his home games in person this season, on the road at Stanford, fUCLA, and the ROse Bowl and was at his pro day. He is going to be a stud in the NFL, has poise and mobility in the pocket, a great arm that can make all the throws, and he has the elusive 'it' factor and intangibles you look for in a QB who is responsible for leading a team.

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    Sanchez if they trade up.
    Maclin if they stay put.

    Absolutely against Harvin anywhere.

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    This is according to who I think might still be on the board:

    At 17:
    Chris Wells - I hope Jenkins makes it to the Saints, so they take him instead of Wells... (SD might take him too...)

    Knowshon Moreno - I just finished watching the Georgia/Arizona State game on ESPN-U. I'm caught up in the moment...

    Tyson Jackson - He'll probably be gone, but what the hell...

    Everette Brown - He's been slipping in mocks. People are wary of FSU defensive ends with good reason, but if he's there at 17...

    All that being said, if we can trade up to #8 for Sanchez, I'd be in favor of that.

    Draft Day is here! I'm stoked! I hope my TV survives our pick...

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    [COLOR="DarkGreen"][SIZE="7"]IT IS TIME[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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