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Thread: Time For Sanity To Return To The Board ...

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    going into the draft i did not want the jets to take any QB in the 1st round. i did not want them trading up for Sanchez and i did not want them taking Freeman. When they made the trade for Sanchez I was sure they would have had to have given up next years #1. after seeing what they traded i became more excited about the deal. I'm on board but here are my concerns now:

    1. signing Sanchez. he is going to call for a contract somewhere in between Stafford and what Matt Ryan got last year. That means about 35-40mil guaranteed. I do not want to see this guy miss 1 day of training camp but I am fearful that this is what will happen. Since the jets made the move to trade up to getting, he better be starting in week 1.

    2. WR depth: we have nothing. Cotchery is solid but beyond that we are thinner than any team in the league. with only a 6th round pick left, this remains a huge concern. I would have rather seen them draft a WR than trade up for Green in the 3rd, but I hope he proves me wrong.

    3. blocking TE: we cut Baker so right now Keller is the starter. He is a solid reciever but his blocking is suspect. We expect to run the ball down the other teams throat. We need a good blocking TE to do this effectively.

    can anyone please ease my fears?

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    Watching Sanchez during his first press conference he definitely has the
    presentation and articulation skills that you want in a franchise QB. Let's
    hope they translate onto the field.


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